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Thread: [SOLVED] Accessing zimbra MySQL from other zimbra servers

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    Default [SOLVED] Accessing zimbra MySQL from other zimbra servers

    I am writing a zimlet that will allow users to retract a sent email as long as it has not been read by any of the recipients. Basically, it takes information about a sent message that is drag and dropped onto the zimlet, and uses the subject, date, and metadata for a mysql query to find out if it has been read by anyone. If it has not then the option to retract the email is given. This works great on a single server installation of zimbra.

    My problem is trying to adapt it to a multi-server setup. We have 1 LDAP server, 1 MTA server, and 3 mailbox servers. From what I can tell, I would need to query the mysql databases on each of the 3 mailbox servers to get an accurate count since (i believe) each mailbox server has unique mailbox groups. I guess what i ultimately need to know is how, say a user uses this zimlet and their account is on mailbox server 1, how to connect to the mysql databases on servers 2 and 3. It seems like you can only connect to it using localhost:7306. Any help provided is greatly appreciated!

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    After much more searching, I have found the solution to this problem. I will post it here in the hopes that anyone else with this problem can easily find it and make use of it.

    The first step is to change the /opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf file on each server you want to access. Simply comment out the line 'bind-address = localhost'. After that, you need to restart the mailbox servers. You can do this with 'zmcontrol restart'. Finally, make sure you are using the correct username and password to log on. If you are using root or zimbra as the user, the passwords can be found with 'zmlocalconfig -s mysql_root_password' for root, or 'zmlocalconfig -s zimbra_mysql_password' for zimbra.

    I hope this helps someone!

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