Hello everybody,

I've developped a zimlet on Zimbra Desktop in _dev mod, this zimlet works very well.

Now i'm trying to put him on my Zimbra Server, 6.0.7

I followed this tuto :

ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guideev Environment Setup - Zimbra :: Wiki

deployed zimlet via administration Console

With this url:

ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Java and JSP - Zimbra :: Wiki

I included my jar file in the root of my Zip file, then restarted my server.

But my Java class are not found.

Same error when I deployed this example :

ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Examples:JSP with custom Java classes - Zimbra :: Wiki

error :


Problem accessing /service/zimlet/com_zimbra_example_javajar/jspfile.jsp. Reason:

    PWC6033: Unable to compile class for JSP

PWC6197: An error occurred at line: 19 in the jsp file: /com_zimbra_example_javajar/jspfile.jsp
PWC6199: Generated servlet error:
MyClass cannot be resolved
What's the problem ? Can you help me ?

Sorry for my bad english.