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Thread: Date Zimlet Problems

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    Default Date Zimlet Problems


    I try to customize the date zimlet (com_zimbra_date) (Zimbra Network 6.0.x) for our local date writing convetions, But currenty I'm facing some strange problems.

    1: I defined a rule for the date: 20.2.2010:
    format1.pattern = {datenum}.{monthnum}.{yearnum}
    format1.rule = {yearnum}-{monthnum}-{daynum}
    format1.boundary = true

    2: I defined a rule for the date: 20. Februar 2010:
    format2.pattern = {datenum}. {monthname} {yearnum}
    format2.rule = {yearnum}-month={monthname}-{datenum}
    format2.boundary = true

    All I get when I move the mouse over this dates is a popup message:


    Somebody tried to move this date into the calendar an this destroyed the whole calendar (shows everywhere this NaN,0NaN as dates) until he reloaded the browser.

    Do I have missunderstud the documentations in the properties file? Every help is very welcome.


    Roland kāser

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    Default Nobody out there?

    Does nobody has an idea about this. It becomes a bit urgent.

    Thanks again


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    Default Should really have help

    If somebody knows anything about this zimbra, please give me a short reply.


    Roland Kaeser

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