I know this is a newb ignorant post, so I apologize for the whences it will receive, but I have to start somewhere.

I am having some trouble understanding how to integrate backend java code to the Zimlet.

What I am wanting to achieve is as follows. We use Zimbra, obviously, for webmail and collaboration..and I thought it nice to have a Zimlet that allows our field associates the ability to enter general software bug descriptions, feature requests, or customization requests from their Zimbra login. I am not necessarily trying to tie into our dev management system initially, just trying to develop an interface to allow users to enter the data so we can take those user stories and enter them into our iteration planning/feedback loops.

So, I need a way to generate a simple form and from that form commit the data to a database we define either on the zimbra box or another db box and also display all current entries in the db below that form allowing users to see that current status of that request. Also, obviously, if you are a developer, when you log in you are allowed to change the status...so a way to designate in the Zimlet GUI extension that the user is a DevUser and so we will add this extra field(drop down box) to allow them to modify the status of the request in the db(i.e. OPEN, INVESTIGATION, IN DEVELOPMENT, CLOSED).

Can someone point me to a source example, tutorial, or some advice on where to start?

I have checked out the zimbra svn project, so I do have access to any source you may reference there.