Hello everyone

I have a little problem, I want to create a new page in the "preferences".

So I created a DwtTreeItem in the ZmOverview of the "preferences".

Now I want to create the page that corresponds to it, I saw that the object ZmPreferencesPage can do it. So I need some more information about that to link my DwtTreeItem to the ZmPreferencesPage.

I create my DwtTreeItem in the overview of the preferences.

com_zimbra_quotero_HandlerObject.prototype.onShowV iew = function(viewId, isNewView)
if(com_zimbra_quotero_HandlerObject.prototype.Stri ngContains(viewId,"PREF"))
var app = appCtxt.getCurrentApp ();
var overview = app.getOverview ();
var = button_test
parent: overview.getTreeView (PREF_PAGE "). getHeaderItem ()
index: 2
text: "Test"
selectable: true,
forceNotifySelection: false,
forceNotifyAction: false,
singleClickAction: false,
id: "zti__main_Options__PREF_PAGE_PREF_TEST"

var Button_test= new test_treeitem DwtTreeItem (button_test);
if (overview.getTreeView (PREF_PAGE "))
overview.getTreeView (PREF_PAGE ").getHeaderItem().addChild(Button_test, 2);

Thanks in advance