I want to create an index on a contentObject called ssn, which matches potential Social Security Numbers. I have a working regex pattern for Social Security Numbers, but "has:ssn" never returns any valid search results.

From the Zimbra docs it says I can have a regex attribute in serverExtension set to the pattern, but I can't find any examples of this in any working zimlet. I could use some feedback on if my xml for serverExtension is correct.

Btw I have re-indexed my mailbox after deploying this zimlet, so that it would have a chance to index on the "ssn" keyword, but it still doesn't work.

Here is my org_ssn.xml file.

<zimlet name="org_ssn" version="1.2792" description="Highlights Potential Social Security Numbers">
<serverExtension hasKeyword="ssn" regex="^[0-9]{3}[\- ]?[0-9]{2}[\- ]?[0-9]{4}$"/>
<contentObject type="ssn">
<regex attrs="g">^[0-9]{3}[\- ]?[0-9]{2}[\- ]?[0-9]{4}$</regex>