So it's time to get into writing zimlets, I've been looking at the code for the included ones and I'm prepared to just get stuck in and start from scratch, but what I'd really like is for someone to write a very basic one for me to build on and learn from, and yes, I know people must ask this all the time, but my js skills are not too hot yet and tyring to understand what the sample zimlets actually do and how they do it is headache inducing.

What I would like is simply the abitlty to hover over a product code and have it show our current stock level of that item. I can write a simple asp page that will return the quantity of items in our stock based on the url passed to it, so if I go the the fictional address a page is returned containing a number, that parts easy, I can do that in my sleep

How do I go about making a zimlet recognise the stock code, and go to a webpage based on it, and show the results in a tooltip?

I get the feeling this is really simple and no javascript will be involved (at the start), so if it is, does anyone feel like writing it? Clearly it will eventually need to do far more than just show stock levels, but from the initiall framework I will be able to develop it faster than starting from scratch. If something useful comes of it, I will of course send the tool back to the community.

Thanks all.