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Thread: sms zimlet troubleshooting

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    Default sms zimlet troubleshooting


    Hmmm. I would appreciate a little help if someone can point me in the right direction. I followed the general instructions to deploy the sms zimlet as per: - as I am clearly missing something.

    Steps to deply sms zimlet:

    $su - zimbra
    $cd zimlets-extras/
    $zmzimletctl deploy
    $zmzimletctl getConfigTemplate > cfg.tmp
    $vi cfg.tmp
    Changed the settings to match my account. wq!
    $zmzimletctl configure cfg.tmp
    $tomcat restart

    I should mention that my cfg.tmp looks as follows:

    <zimletConfig name="com_zimbra_sms" version="1.0">
    <property name="smsusername">MyUserName</property>
    <property name="smspassword">MyPassWord</property>
    <property name="smsfrom">SN</property>

    Where MyUserName, MyPassWord and SN are my actual detals as per I have tested via the web interface and do not have any issues with the service.

    Whenever I send a message via the sms zimlet I get: Error could not SMS +6143xxxxxxx - this is after I fudged the sms.jsp to look as follows due to the code inserting a +1 (USA) country code bit. I basically just inserted '6' - for the time being (+61 being the country code for australia) - to test the service:

    if (!phone_num.startsWith("+61")) {
    if (phone_num.startsWith("6")) {
    phone_num = "+" + phone_num;
    } else {
    phone_num = "+61" + phone_num;

    Even with this alteration I am unable to sms and still get the "Error: Unable to SMS +6143xxxxxxx" error message. I've checked over a few things but don't seem to be able to find a place to where the freaking zimlet is logging its errors. It is not logging to zimbra.log nor anywhere else I could find.

    Only thing I have not done as yet is to dump out the ldap schemer, I assume that the sms part within the default schemer was simply overwritten rather then added to everytime I have re-deployed the sms zimlet?

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    Release 4.0 on a Fedora Core 5 box.
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