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Thread: DwtMenu with hundreds of DwtMenuItem's

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    Default DwtMenu with hundreds of DwtMenuItem's


    I'm developing a zimlet and I ran into this situation:
    I want to insert hundreds of DwtMenuItem's into a single DwtMenu.
    The problem is that it doesn't overflow DwtMenu area with a scrollbar, and most of the DwtMenuItems are inaccessible.
    The DwtMenu was added to a DwtToolBarButton, using the setMenu method.

    Do you have any idea how to do this?
    Should I use any other menu control instead? For example, ZmPopupMenu.
    I hope I've explained the problem clearly.

    Also, is there any way of removing the downwards arrow from the DwtToolBarButton layout when is has a DwtMenu?
    I just want a button on my custom toolbar that open a menu with hundreds of items, and those items must be all accessible. for example, by using a scroll.

    How do I customize my DwtMenu popup content with other Dwt elements, instead of just using DwtItems?
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