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Thread: Deploy zimlet centrally for zimbra desktop

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    Default Deploy zimlet centrally for zimbra desktop


    I can add zimlets in zimbra desktop and that works fine. But I have to add the zimlets for all users individually, which is a issue. So can I apply zimlets in server (i.e. centrally) so that all zimbra desktop users can avail the same zimlets automatically?

    Note that, I could deploy zimlets in zimbra admin site and the zimlets are available in users' web login. But the same zimlets are not found in zimbra desktop login.

    Please help me out!!

    Best regards

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    I am having the same issue. Using ZCS 7 NE. Centrally deployed works fine on web interface but zimlets do not appear in Zimbra Desktop.

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    This is because the web interface is a direct interface to your Zimbra Server. Whereas Zimbra Desktop is an application that merely *syncs* with Zimbra Server (in the same way that Thunderbird or Kontact apps can sync with Zimbra Server.

    However, there is an idea to allow Zimlets on the Zimbra Server to be copied (where feasible) to users running Zimbra Desktop.

    Please see this Bug:

    Bug 47830 - Compatible Zimlets installed on ZCS server should automatically install in ZD

    You should vote for it there if you want it prioritised.

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