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Thread: dynamicaly changing zimlet

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    Default dynamicaly changing zimlet


    i want to develop dynamically changing zimlet. I used dwt.dialog but there is a problem ..

    when buttons pressed i want to change my calendar year and month but the caledar month and the year which I used as calendar header is not change with that button press.. and the dates also remain in same way..

    as i discovered there is an error with the dialog , it is static..

    i send html code defined in the java script _createCalendar function in to dispayDialog methode as
    view.getHtmlElementById().innerHTML = this._createCalendar();
    i want to know waht is thr error ??? and how can I solve it.

    I am a new for zimbra and please answer me in a simple way....

    thank you

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    I think you should be more specific. It's hard to understand exactly what are you trying to do without looking at some code.

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