i like to build a zimlet that shows the todays calvin and hobbes.

I got a php way to do it:
PHP Code:
$date = isset( $_REQUEST['date'] ) ? $_REQUEST['date'] : time();

'Calvin & Hobbes':
// The URL will be something like this:
    // http://images.ucomics.com/comics/ch/1993/ch931203.gif
    // change the year because Calvin & Hobbes is from the past
$chyear date'Y'$date )-11;
$shortchyear $chyear-1900;
$url "http://images.ucomics.com/comics/ch/".$chyear.
"/ch".$shortchyear.date'md'$date ).".gif"
And i want it to appear on hovering or on a single page like mail, contacts and calendar.

Can someone pls help me to code it?
This would be really nice and i think it wouldnt take that long, for someone who knew how to do it.