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    Default How use ZmAddressInputField

    I am a French student, I apologize in advance for my spelling mistakes.
    As part of my internship I must create a Zimlet enabling the integration of a video conferencing application.
    However, to simplify the life of the user, who must submit the URL of the conference to their contacts. I must create input area and therefore perfect AutoComplete ... and this in a small window (DwtComposite). Similar as :

    Having read the documentation ZmAddressInputField is the best solution. I therefore well established that small window, but not the input area despite the visualization API ( Zimlet JavaScript API Reference - ZmAddressInputField and Zimlet JavaScript API Reference - ZmAutocompleteListView) so I am appealing to your expertise ...

    My code :
    bigbluebuttonPreferences.prototype.showAddDlg = function(obj) {
    // if zimlet dialog already exists...
    if (this._getAddDialog) {

    this._getAddView = new DwtComposite(this.zimlet.getShell());
    this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().style.overflow = "auto";

    this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().innerHTML = this._createAddView();
    var className = this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().className;
    this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().className = className + " bbb_addusers";

    var addAddButtonId = Dwt.getNextId();
    var addAddButton = new DwtDialog_ButtonDescriptor(addAddButtonId,
    ("Authorized"), DwtDialog.ALIGN_RIGHT);

    this._getAddDialog = this.zimlet._createDialog({title:"Inviter des utilisateurs",
    view:this._getAddView, standardButtons:[DwtDialog.OK_BUTTON,DwtDialog.CANCEL_BUTTON]});

    this._getAddDialog.setButtonListener(DwtDialog.OK_ BUTTON, new AjxListener(this, this._getAdressEMail));

    this._autocompleteusers = new autocompleteListView({parent:this.zimlet.getShell( )});
    this._inputContact = new ZmAddressInputField(inputId = this._autocompleteusers);
    this._inputContact.getHtmlElement().style.overflow = "auto";

    document.getElementById("bbb_InputAddress").append Child(this._inputContact.getHtmlElement());

    bigbluebuttonPreferences.prototype._getAdressEMail = function() {
    //TODO send mail with url of video conferencing

    bigbluebuttonPreferences.prototype._createAddView = function() {
    var html = new Array();

    var i = 0; html[i++] = "<DIV>";
    html[i++] = "<div id='bbb_InputAddress'></div>";
    html[i++] = "</DIV>";
    return html.join("");
    Tanks for your attention!
    Regards... Rémi.
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