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Thread: zimlet search error help please.

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    Question zimlet Comcast Issue thorn in my side.


    I need some good advice, I recently signed on with comcast internet about a week ago and found that when I go to their smartzone web page and try to access my email account I keep getting this message "critical zimlet search error"...I never seen this before and when I called T/S from comncast they have no idea why this is happening. So I thought I would try this forum for some help.


    Windows XP Professional
    IE (not sure of the version)

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    Problem occurred which gave me a error message ( zimlet "comcast search"

    To clear this error go to control panel
    internet options- advanced then hit reset ( lower right ) You will have to redue some pass words, but it does stop the error. I got this info from Comcast phone help. Go figure

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