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Thread: working on a new zimlet

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    Default working on a new zimlet

    any pointers...I have written this to work with squirrelmail and thunderbird a long time ago, and now undertaking doing the same with zimbra. Basically, company wants to archive specific emails to mysql database. Zimlet will request a list of items from db and then id of item will be chosen and posted back with details of email. I am assuming I will be using Ajxrpc...but just looking for pointers from those more experienced before actually doing it, espcially maybe the interface in javascript for the item selection from the zimlet.

    Here is the info from the RESTful archive service on db side

    php web service for filing emails to mysql
    two modes
    Arguments are passed via PUT and parsed into $incoming
    mode get_props
            user (required:this is the full username like
    	pass (required:the users password, passed via HTTPS PUT request so should be OK)
    	mode (required:must be get_props)
    	returns an xml array 'properties' with elements 'property' with elements 'address' and 'id' like:
    	<address>0 Benton Rd</address>
    mode file_mail
    	user (required:this is the full username like
    	pass (required:the users password, passed via HTTPS PUT request so should be OK))
    	mode (required:must be file_mail)
    	mailbox(required:this is the mailbox folder in the imap namespace, usually INBOX, but can be anything as long as it is valid)
    	passed_id(required:this is the imap message uid for the mailbox, must be usable by imap_msgno()
    	idproperty(required:this is the id number of the property to save with the email, selected from the list from the get_props mode)
       this mode returns OK on success or ERROR if not
    add more descriptive return codes in xml format for mode file_mail   
    if anyone wants to take on this zimlet sub-$500, I am game...I plan to have users drag message to zimlet and/or click button, present item list to file it to in zimbra interface, click ok and PUT email details to service. That's it

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    this looks like exactly what I need

    Zimbra to PHP - Zimbra :: Wiki

    but the link in the wiki goes nowhere, and I have googled, but can't seem to find that article.

    Anybody have a good link to this article/blog post that is referenced?? TIA

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