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Thread: [SOLVED] DWT form elements in a template

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    Question [SOLVED] DWT form elements in a template


    Perhaps somebody knows this...

    I'm using DWTInputFields and DWTCheckBoxes and the like to build up a simple form. I'd like to put the input fields I create with this into a template using the standard templating features.

    I tried inserting DIV-elements to my template and reparent the HTML-elements of the input fields. This works flawlessly in FF, but doesn't seem to work well in IE.

    What is the right way to create a form for dialogs etc.?

    Kind regards
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    Ah, I found it. It's in the order of things:

    You have to first create your view and expand the template:

    html = AjxTemplate.expand(
        this.cateringView.setSize('25em', '12em');
        this.cateringView.getHtmlElement().innerHTML = html;
    and after that create the form elements and reparent them to the DIVs in your template after that.

    That way it works in IE and FF.

    Kind regards

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