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Thread: [SOLVED] SalesForce zimlet not seeing Send & Add button

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    Default [SOLVED] SalesForce zimlet not seeing Send & Add button

    We're new to using the SFDC zimlet. Today I saw there was an update so I deployed the current version 3.2.

    We're seeing a problem with the Send & Add button. I was working with a sales guy in the office and the problem is that, while composing, we don't see the Send & Add button.

    When I log into my web mail even though I don't have a SFDC account I see the Send & Add button.

    On the non working PC the sales guy had his composing properties set to compose in a new window. It appears that when you compose in a new window the Send & Add button is absent (is that a bug, or by design choice?). I was not composing in a new window and was seeing the Send & Add button. So I thought changing that on the sales guy's PC might be the solution. But even when I configured his composing preferences like mine his button bar still didn't include a Send & Add button. So that isn't our problem even though that is confusing.

    I'm using Firefox 3.6, and the computer where we don't see the button has IE 8. We tried Firefox but it didn't change anything. Later we discovered the problem does not follow the account - it's unique to the PC.

    Any advice would be welcome! TIA.

    PS. Possibly key to this problem... The zimlet preferences where we type in the account and password+sfdc token... on mine it remembers the check box for showing the Send & Add button. On the non working PC it does not remember the check box (yet it remembers the login info). We can check the box for showing the Send & Add button and save/ok it over and over and it will not be checked when we bring the preferences window back up. Maybe this is the core problem, and if we can solve this it will solve the missing button.

    Solved - The laptop was rebooted (and who knows what else) and the Send & Add button showed up.
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