Hi everyone

Since Zimbra no longer includes IM functionality I'm looking to try and build some presence features back in but I'm wondering if a Zimlet already exists for this. I've had a dig around in the gallery and not found anything.

This should be a simple Zimlet as the actual query/return of the presence display will be handled already by another script, so all the Zimlet needs to do is send get requests to a script, and output/style the XML (or possibly HTML) response.

I'm envisaging adding another tab to the Web UI (we don't use Zimbra Desktop) called "Presence" which will allow the display of user presence info by submitting filters to the XMPP presence script.
There will be boxes to filter the users returned based on presence status, display name, user ID.

The XMPP server will be OpenFire so I need to find a solution to return the presence from the server. There's already this plugin... Presence Plugin Readme which will need some mods to get it to do what I want.

But I'm just wondering if anyone's seen any Zimlets out there already that can do something like this?
Just so I'm not wasting my time

Cheers, B