I am looking into Zimbra as a possible solution to some problems I've been having. My business is a mix of Mac and PC clients. We are also users of Salesforce.com. I have a few questions that, hopefully, someone can answer.

  1. Is the SalesForce zimlet usable with both the webmail interface AND the Zimbra desktop clients?
  2. If it is compatible with the desktop clients, is this for ALL OSes?
  3. Does the SalesForce Zimlet offer 2-way synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks?
  4. If 2-way synchronization is not available, is such functionality in the plans for the near future?
  5. Are there any plans to make public and resource calendars synchable through the Salesforce zimlet?

I would appreciate any answers I can get to these questions, as I have been very frustrated in my efforts to find a good solution for synching SalesForce contacts and calendars with both my Windows and Mac clients.