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    Question Send & Archive

    When I send an email I want to select the folder where to archive the mail (including trash folder).
    Before, I realized this in microsoft outlook by a vb macro who ask to the user if he want to delete the message or to choice the destination folder.
    The goal is to delete mails that i don't want to archive in the proper folder in which i want to store.

    Now i've written a zimlet that create a new button "send & delete". This, when pressed, insert a flag in the subject. Then if the flag is present, a proper outgoing filter, provide to move in the trash folder the mail.
    So i can automatically delete unwanted outgoing emails.
    This is a temporary solution. I need information to:
    use "nosave" option when i send emails bye composeview._send (or another solution).
    open a dialog to choice the destination folder and move the emails into it.

    Thank you for your cooperation....

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    Cool Solved - but to be improved

    The zimlet SBASEND, when enabled in zimlet panel, provide to:

    - in compose view, create a new button "SEND & ARCHIVE"
    - insert a tag in subject ("#!#")
    - open a chose folder dialog
    - create a new outgoing filter named SBASEND (or modify it if exists)
    - add condition and action in the filter to store msg in the select folder
    - send the mail

    After, the outgoing filter move the mail in the select folder.
    It works, but sometimes the msg is moved in the folder previously selected.
    This is because the save filter and send action are asyncronous.
    In properties i put a parameter to set is a timeout before send mail. If i set the timeout to 5000msec it works fine but this is a long time for the user waiting. Setting 2000 msec only 70% of mails are stored in the right folder.
    Anyone can help me ? How to sync filter update and send whitout timeout?

    The zimlet is derived from fbackup, ignoremsg, stickynotes, merging their functionality.
    Here the code....
    Thank you
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    Unhappy Ie9 bug ?

    The zimlet works fine in firefox/chrome. Only ie9 cause the bug.....

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    This is another version of sbasend without the tag "#!#" in the subject and with italian locale.
    Tested on Zimbra 7.2 and 8.0

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