When I send an email I want to select the folder where to archive the mail (including trash folder).
Before, I realized this in microsoft outlook by a vb macro who ask to the user if he want to delete the message or to choice the destination folder.
The goal is to delete mails that i don't want to archive in the proper folder in which i want to store.

Now i've written a zimlet that create a new button "send & delete". This, when pressed, insert a flag in the subject. Then if the flag is present, a proper outgoing filter, provide to move in the trash folder the mail.
So i can automatically delete unwanted outgoing emails.
This is a temporary solution. I need information to:
use "nosave" option when i send emails bye composeview._send (or another solution).
open a dialog to choice the destination folder and move the emails into it.

Thank you for your cooperation....