I developing zimlets using the Zimbra Desktop 2. I want to be able to parse URLs in the content of the emails and do the necessary actions when clicked on it.

For example if the url is http://mydomain.com/FindInfo, when a user hovers over the link I want to show a tooltip "Click here to find the information". And when the user clicks on it, I want to automatically open a page http://mydomain.com/FindInfo?email=<emailaddress>

Because of the URL zimlet my zimlet nevers get a priority. How can I fix this (in a zimbra desktop).
Also when the user clicks on the link, how do I make sure that only http://mydomain.com/FindInfo?email=<emailaddress> is opened and not both http://mydomain.com/FindInfo and http://mydomain.com/FindInfo?email=<emailaddress>