The Salesforce Zimlet sends notes (in sf it shows as Activity History) over to salesforce from two areas in Zimbra webmail:
- the Send & Add button when composing/replying to an email
- the Add Notes button on the SalesForce bar.

These functions send the note to Activity History in salesforce (the note is the email, but you can edit the email, and add in your own text). You can specify to add this note to the contact, or account, etc - you choose where in salesforce to attach your note when you click the Send & Add button, or when you click the Add Notes button.

Our salesforce zimlet is functional - we get the salesforce bar, and data is populated into it when we point to an email where the originator/sender is in salesforce. So that part is working.

When we add notes - we get a message on the Zimbra webmail screen that the note was added. But nothing shows up in salesforce.

We used the salesforce bcc email address to ensure the Activity History feature was functioning is sfdc. It was/is.