Just a heads up that Rrao has updated the Google Translator Zimlet to use the new Google v2 API. As many know this is a paid API now.

Google Translator | Zimbra :: Gallery

===== from rrao ======

To purchase Google API key:

Login to Gmail

To understand billing: go to Pricing and Terms of Service - Google Translate API v2 - Google Code

To pay, go to https://code.google.com/apis/console#:billing (this is the "billing" link in the pricing.html page)

.. this will take you to their billing console. Use credit card and pay & enable Billing.

Click on API Access tab & you will see API KEY

PS: It looks like this API key could be used for many paid-apps (not sure).

Steps to update Zimlet:

Unzip the Zimlet say to ~/tmp/com_zimbra_gtranslator

Open config_template.xml

Enter your Google API here: <property name="GOOGLE_TRANSLATE_API_KEY"></property>

Zip the Zimlet back..
~/tmp/com_zimbra_gtranslator/zip -r com_zimbra_gtranslator.zip *

Install the Zimlet