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Thread: SearchCalendarResourcesRequest change in Zimbra 7?

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    Default SearchCalendarResourcesRequest change in Zimbra 7?

    I have a zimlet that searches for calendar resources. It uses SearchCalendarResourcesRequest.

    In Zimbra 6 it works but it no longer works in Zimbra 7. The SOAP call comes back but the attributes I requested are not in the _attrs field.

    var soapDoc = AjxSoapDoc.create("SearchCalendarResourcesRequest", "urn:zimbraAccount") ;
    var method = soapDoc.getMethod()
    method.setAttribute("attrs", ["displayName", "description", "zimbraCalResContactEmail"]) ;
    method.setAttribute("sortBy", "displayName") ;
    method.setAttribute("sortAscending", "1") ;
    // (filter code omitted as it seems to be working)
    response = command.invoke({soapDoc: soapDoc})
    Here is the response (note that the attributes I requested are not included):
    Note that I can get some of the attributes, e.g., zimbraCalResLocationDisplayName and zimbraCalResContactEmail. But other attributes will not be returned, e.g., description and displayName. Could this be a permissions issue?
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