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Thread: How to read attribute value in soap response

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    Default [SOLVED] How to read attribute value in soap response

    Dear All,
    I am making a zimlet that can detect whether the user using which locale.
    There is a field inside SOAP request GetInfoRequest, zimbraPrefLocale
    The request can be called, but I don't know how to read the value inside the tag.
    The response structure is:
    <attr name="{name}">{value}</a>
    <attr name="{name}">{value}</a>
    <pref name="{name}">{value}</pref>
    <pref name="{name}">{value}</pref>

    I want to get the value between <pref name="zimbraPrefLocale"> and </pref>

    And the code inside the js is:
    abc_HandlerObject.prototype.getAccountInfo =
    function(result) {
    	if (result.isException()) {
    		var exception = result.getException();		
    		var response = result.getResponse().GetInfoResponse;
    		var pre = response.prefs.pref;
    		for (var i=0;i<pre.length;i++){
    			if (pre[i].name=="zimbraPrefLocale"){
    And the result is "h is undefined"....
    I have followed the coding in

    the code from the web works in my server, but my code do not work...
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