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Thread: Example JSP with custom Java Classes does not work on ZDesktop

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    Default Example JSP with custom Java Classes does not work on ZDesktop

    Hello everybody,

    I have started to develop zimlets some time ago. Now I want to use my own Java Classes in combination with a jsp in my zimlet.

    The problem which occurred was that I could not deploy my zimlet in the Zimbra Desktop Application (Version 7.1.4 OS X Lion). When I upload the zimlet it appeared an "critical" sign which said "Error deploying zimlet".
    So at first I thought it was a mistake in my program so I searched but then I deployed it on a ZCS Server (from the Administration Console) and it worked without any problems. So I tried to deploy the example zimlet from the -by the way very good- documentation:
    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Examples:JSP with custom Java classes - Zimbra :: Wiki

    However it also failed with the same exception.

    Is there any Limitation in ZDesktop that you can not use JSPs and Jars in your zimlet.

    Thank you very much

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    I also found that my zimlet always can not deploy in ZDesktop, so I already restrict my zimlets not to run at ZDesktop

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