Hey guys, good news!

First, I put a lot of effort looking inside Zimbra code to make my zimlet work. And you can't test it using Zimbra Desktop, I had to test it on my Production Server.

Here the code, at least I can be helpful.

// Send email using SOAP
uspSuporte.prototype._sendMsg = 
	function(destName, destEmail, subject, body) {
	    // Define the type of Soap Message - "urn:zimbraMail"
	    var soapDoc = AjxSoapDoc.create("SendMsgRequest", "urn:zimbraMail");

	    // Define node m
	    var node_m = soapDoc.set("m", null, null);
	    // Set the recipient (to)  
	    var node_to = soapDoc.set("e", null, node_m);
		node_to.setAttribute("add", "0");
	        node_to.setAttribute("p", destName);
		node_to.setAttribute("a", destEmail);
		node_to.setAttribute("t", "t");
	    // Set the sender (from)
	    var node_from = soapDoc.set("e", null, node_m);

	    // Set the subject
	    var node_subj = soapDoc.set("su",subject , node_m);
	    // Set the message party (body)
	    var node_mp = soapDoc.set("mp", null, node_m);
	    // Set content type
	    node_mp.setAttribute("ct", "text/plain");
	    var node_content = soapDoc.set("content", body, node_mp);

	    // Get the mainAccount		    
	    var ac = appCtxt;
	    var accountName = ac.accountList.mainAccount.name;
		// Send the SOAP Request
		appCtxt.getAppController().sendRequest({soapDoc: soapDoc,
							accountName: accountName,
		// Write a Status Message that the message was sent
	        var r = "Message sent";
I have a few tweeks to do, but at least, its working. Not as I intended on the beginning, but still working.