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    Default Fields Missing from

    Hi, I've tried to see if there's already something about this issue but I've not found anything yet. So, here it goes:

    Version is 7.1.4.
    Apparently, in the files there are some fields missing, therefore they can't be translated. So far, I've found the following:

    When viewing a message in reading pane (Ajax Interface) -> Right click on sender or recipient. The following are missing from .properties file:
    • Find Emails...
    • Advanced Search
    • New Email
    • Forward Contact
    • Add to Filter
      • New Filter (in the submenu)
    • Go to URL

    When in Address Book (Ajax Interface) and a contact is picked, on the toolbar there is a "Forward" button:
    • The "Forward" label
    • It's tooltip

    For the 2nd case I think it might be a part of a zimlet, but a zimlet shipped with zimbra...

    To conclude: What are the values that I need to add to the properties file in order to have this fixed?


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    Please, forgive me...
    These fields are all from zimlets, and I've found them with text search... They are located under:



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