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Thread: Rest API Zimbra 8

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    Default Rest API Zimbra 8

    I am French I ask you to forgive my use of the English ...

    I try to wear my Zimlet (version 7) to Zimbra 8.

    I have no problems until I try to export an email with the Rest API.

    Here is what I did in Zimbra 7 and does not work on Zimbra 8:

    https://serveurZimbra/home/ ~ /? id = 356 (356 is the identifier of the Zimbra mail export.)

    I get this error:
    HTTP ERROR 501

    Problem Accessing / service / home / ~ /. Reason:

    can only handle messages / appointments / tasks / documents

    Powered by Jetty ://

    Unfortunately I can not find the API documentation for zimbra 8.


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    On the server where you installed Zimbra see /opt/zimbra/docs/rest* . That's the best I could find. It would be nice if Zimbra posted or used this documentation to make a new version of their Zimbra 6 REST document (ZCS 6.0:Zimbra REST API Reference - Zimbra :: Wiki), but for 8. All I could find on their website for Zimbra 8 API info was SOAP (SOAP API Reference Material Beginning with ZCS 8.0 - Zimbra :: Wiki). I checked their customer portal too and it's not hidden their either.


    [fultonj@zmtst8 DEV docs]$ ls *rest*
    rest-admin.txt rest.txt
    [fultonj@zmtst8 DEV docs]$ wc -l rest*
    9 rest-admin.txt
    425 rest.txt
    434 total
    [fultonj@zmtst8 DEV docs]$

    [fultonj@zmtst8 DEV docs]$ ls *soap*
    admin_soap_white_list.txt soap-context-extension.txt soap.txt
    hsm-soap-admin.txt soap-document.txt soap-voice-admin.txt
    soap-admin.txt soap-im.txt soap-voice.txt
    soapbackup.txt soap-mobile.txt soap-waitset.txt
    soap-calendar.txt soap-right.txt
    [fultonj@zmtst8 DEV docs]$

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