Hey guys!

I have a huge problem this time. We receive reports of problems from our users, and to identify the user problem we collect some information like: Operation System, Browser and IP. Well, my zimlet works very well on Firefox/Chrome/Safari, but Internet Explorer are giving me headaches.

	if (window.XMLHttpRequest) xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
		    else xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
		    hostipInfo = xmlhttp.responseText.split("\n");
		    for (i=0; hostipInfo.length >= i; i++) {
		        ipAddress = hostipInfo[i].split(":");
		        if ( ipAddress[0] == "IP" ) return (ipAddress[1]);
		    return "Error!";
I did some research, and sadly, discovered that IE8/9 have some issues with processing external pages (to prevent XSS). A alternative was to use XDomainRequest(), but you need to configure your site to support it, but also, that dont worked to me.

Right now I trying to use ProxyServlet, but now I got as result "undefined". Here the code:

 * Performs a "GET" against an external server using the Proxy Servlet.
uspSuporte.prototype._getIP2 = 
function() {
	var extServer = "myIPSite/showIP.php";

	// url encode the external server url
	// since it will part of the query params for the proxy servet
	var encodedExtServerUrl = AjxStringUtil.urlComponentEncode(extServer);
	// create proxy servlet URL
	var proxyServletUrl = [ZmZimletBase.PROXY, encodedExtServerUrl].join(""); 

	// submit the URL and asynchronous response (using callback)
	AjxRpc.invoke(null, proxyServletUrl, null, new AjxCallback(this, this._responseIP), false);
 * Handles the callback from the external http GET AjxRpc.invoke().
 * @see		com_zimbra_example_httpgetpost_HandlerObject._executeExternalHttpGet
uspSuporte.prototype._responseIP =
function(response) {

	if (response.success == false) {
		// display the error response
		return "Error";
	// display the response
	return response.text;		

I also put it on my allowdomains:

<zimletConfig name="zimletname" version="0.1">
<property name="allowedDomains">myIPSite/showIP.php</property>
Can someone give me some insight here?