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Thread: zimlet présentation layer ??

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    Red face zimlet présentation layer ??

    i am newbies to zimbra dev
    so many questions to ask

    as i see on the wiki they talk a lot about JS

    what about GWT , JSF and it's tool box ... can i do something with my experience their ??

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    I guess you can leverate other libraries as well (you can bundle them as resources), but I wouldn't suggest it, since it will duplicate most of the functionality already present.

    If you want to customize the appearance, the easiest (although not easy at all) way IMHO is to learn to use Dwt* and other Javascript Zimbra APIs since web user interface is created with Dwt components. I also have some issues and problems with Zimbra's API, as they are not well documented, so you need to browse through examples and look how they have achieved it.

    Again, you can always find element by id (document.getElementById) and change the HTML using innerHTML property, but for extending the UI you're better off using Dwt*.

    Hope that helps,
    Zimbra 7.1.2 GA NETWORK

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