Hi everyone,

I'm trying to add the location, directly into the task list view. Nowadays, if we need to see the the location of a task we need to open the task details. What i want is, to be able to see the location directly in the task list, and make a sort on it.


I'm pretty confident about my javascript skills, but i have to admit that i'm totally lost with the creation of a zimlet.

So if it already exist (I searched but don't find anything..) do you have a link or if it don't, which objects do i need to modify, and after that how can i make the page aware of this changes ?

I don't need a full solution obligatory, just a hint would be already perfect.

Of course i already look at the documentation and all the examples, but i didn't find anything that can help me. And my personal investigation lead me to a tons of undocumented function and variable..

Thanks (And sorry if my english is not perfect, this is not my native language)