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    Default dotProject

    Over the next few months I'm going to be working on some zimlets that work with dotProject.

    1. Drag and Drop and email and it writes it to an email module that I'm writing for it. The email module is very simple. Just creates an email and sends, has no receive capability except through the zimlet.

    Zimlet behavior
    Drag and drop an email to the zimlet, zimlet asks for Project number or "project_short" in dotProject sql schema. Our project managers all know their project numbers.

    dotProject behavior for email mod - by itself
    [LIST][*]Simple form to send message to contacts that are in dotProject[*]also has a tab under projects to show all project related emails[/LIST

    2. Contact import or sync - one way only from dotProject into Zimbra

    Currently I use the following command to delete the contacts every morning

    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov sm emptyFolder /contacts

    then import them in via .csv.

    I think the following would work just fine.
    1. a new contact into dotProject would automatically make a new contact in zimbra for realtime'ish feeling of contacts.
    2. Every morning have get dumped and reimported.

    Yes, there are problems with this, but I think it would be a "good enough" for our needs right now. Maybe there is even an easier way to get contacts, something like the ICal format, but for contacts.

    Anyway if you have any comments, suggestions, or want to participate ...
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    I might be interested in an integrated solution between dotProject and Zimbra, but for the short / medium term I expect to have neither time or skills available

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    Default email Module

    With the help of jtroxel, I now have a dotProject email module working.

    Drag and email onto it, it asks the users to put in a project number, task id, and there is a section for a quick internal note. After the user hits the ok button, the info is passed to dotProject and consumed.

    In dotProject important project emails can be archived. Users can search by user, project, or clients. The advantage is if you have large teams with many streams of communication they can be centralized into one place.

    We ran into a few unexpected problems that took quite a bit of time to work around. Some still need improvement.

    1. doDrop for ZmMsg and ZmConv - ZmMsg has data types for from,to,cc, bcc, date, subject, body and a few others. ZmConv has different attributes, it's realy an array of messages. ZmConv does not have to, from, cc, but has participants. Participants is the first 5 people in all the related emails.

    1.a If you drag a ZmMsg, zimbra passes it as a ZmConv and the script hangs or does not extract the correct attributes as I need them. I decided to only allow the ZmMsg to be allowed to drag and drop. I will have users that won't understand the difference. Hint, if their default for their inbox is by message, this works great. If their default is by Conversation, not so good they have to click on the conversation so it will list the messages in the conversation then they can drag and drop. I tried using the getHotMsg in the ZmConv class, but I had no success.

    2. Post, if you want to post data to another site, for now I'd stay away from the AjxRcp class. The best thing to do is render the form as html and have the user click ok and use a target = new window. John did the code for that. I posted some of the fragments below of what you will need.
    html[i++] = "<form method=\"POST\" id=\"dp_form\" action=\"" + this.HANDLER + "\" TARGET=\"new_popup\">";
          new AjxListener(this, function() {
    	      var w ='about:blank','new_popup','width=600,height=600,resizable=1');
    1.b I tried getting the id for the first message in the ZmConv array and pulling that ZmMsg in by id, I may still do that when I get more time. I needed to get this working by next week.

    3. formatting the time of the email. I found a block of code that works.

    var formatter = AjxDateFormat.getDateTimeInstance(AjxDateFormat.FULL);
    var xdate =  formatter.format(new Date( ;
    4. extracting the email addresses from, These are arrays, for a quick test you can do[1] if you have a few cc's. You will notice that if you render out html your code will break if the email is in the format "ericx" It's easy to strip the "ericx" out and just get the email address try:[1].address - this will return just Since it is an array you will have to loop through the array.

    5. to get the obj.from I used simply
    var email_from = obj.from[0].address; to get the from address.
    I'm not ready to post my code yet, but if your interested send me an email through the forums.
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    Default no email

    can't send an email because you are blocking PMs.

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    I'm new Zimbra user and I wonder if you can help me about the dotproject's zimlet.

    I'm wating for your answer first.
    I hope you'll come !


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