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Thread: Right click on an email address (Copy Email)

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    Default Right click on an email address (Copy Email)

    Hi there, i've been looking for a Zimlet that will basically allow me to click on an email, click on an email address and then right click and "copy email address" that would be added to the list of existing Right click options, such as find emails, Go to URL, Edit contact and so on.

    Any suggestions how this can be done, or if there is something that already exists for this, i've searched yet not found.

    I did try searching through all files for the text "Go to URL" and was going to see if I could adapt that menu, or atleast see how it was working, but cannot find the code that does this, any ideas?


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    Anyone ever find a solution to this?


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    The highlighting of a mail address and the contextual menu appearing with a right click on it is done by the zimlet com_zimbra_email installed by default by zimbra.
    If you want to add a button to the menu, you can just modify the zimlet.

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