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Thread: How to troubleshoot zimlet deployment ?

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    Default How to troubleshoot zimlet deployment ?

    Here are a couple of tips that were really helpful to me that I thought I'd share with others :

    * Add this to /path/to/zimbra/conf/

    and restart the server via /path/to/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol restart. You'll have better debug informations in the logs if something goes wrong with the zimlet, mainly javascript errors or proxy errors.

    * Run the web client with "?dev=1" on the request to run in "Development Mode". That way, the zimlets + zimbra web client JS code won't be obfuscated and you'll get more descriptive function/parameter info than "r=e[c]".

    My zimlet deploys correctly but won't show up ?

    * log into zimbra admin
    * Check that it's listed in zimlets section
    * If it is, check that it is listed and activated for the appropriate CoS
    * If it is, check that is listed and enabled for the appropriate domain(s)
    * If it is, log into the user account, go to preferences > zimlets and see if it's not disabled at user level

    My zimlet deploys and shows up correctly but doesn't work ? firebug show a network Error 500 Compilation produced xx syntax errors

    Sometimes, your zimlet works fine in dev mode, but when you deploy it compilation may fail. Javascript compilation consists of minimizing (compressing) and obfuscating all the javascript source code files into one, small gzipped javascript file. The compression tool used by Zimbra is YUI Compressor (Yahoo's). What you should do is :

    1/ Produce a file containing all the javascript files of your zimlet (via cat *.js > all.js)
    2/ Uploaded that file to the online YUI compressor tool, found here
    3/ compressor tool gives syntax errors along with line number

    Fix, upload and run again until you find all the errors. In my case it was the usage of the "class" as a javascript identifier, which is maybe forbidden in new javascript specs (?)

        var component  = {
            status : "CONF",
            fb     : "B",
    >       class  : "PUB",
            allDay : 0,
            draft  : 1,
            transp : 0,
            name   : appt_details.title,
            loc    : appt_details.location,
            s      : {d:appt_details.date_start.toJSON()},
            e      : {d:appt_details.date_end.toJSON()},
            or     : {a:"", d:"yassine chaouche"}
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    Thanks nice share..

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