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Thread: Zimlet customization

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    Default Zimlet customization


    I am newbie to Zimbra and have been piloting Zimbra 8. Zimlets being a key aspect that we are testing, was wondering if there is a scope to rebrand Zimlet? If so, what will be required to change in the Zimlet?

    Also, can the name of readily available zimlets be changed?


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    Hi. You can change the zimlet in different ways.

    A zimlet is a zip file containing :
    * javascript files <- this is functionnal code, you shouldn't touch this.
    * CSS files <- feel free to change things here, like icons, layout and markup
    * image files <- feel free to change those
    * .properties files <- these files are used for i18n, you can create one for your language.

    Unfortunately, most customization is done in javascript files because zimlets can create visual content like forms, nice divs etc. from javascript code, so you might have to change those but make sure you don't break anything when doing so.

    If you want to add additional css files, be sure to add them to the xml file that has the same name as the zimlet (there should already be an example there, just follow).

    Hope that helps.

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