I am new to zimlet development. I am trying to develop a content zimlet, the issue I am facing is that I am not able to get hold of content text in the context menu handler code (the menuItemSelected function of javascript).

Here is my zimlet xml code :-

<zimlet name="com_myservice_zimbra_click2call" version="1.0" description="Click to call any number using myservice - 12">
    <contentObject type="phone">
			<regex attrs="g">\+?\b\d([0-9\(\)\.\s\-]){8,20}\d\b</regex>
			<menuItem label="Click to call using myservice!" icon="Search" id="SOME_MENU_ITEM_ID1"/>
And here is my javascript code :-

com_myservice_zimbra_click2call_HandlerObject.prototype.menuItemSelected =
function(menuItemId, menuData, event) {
	switch (menuItemId) {
                // How to get contentObjText where user right clicked????
		// do nothing
Please note that to me looks like there is a bug in documentation of menuItemSelected function. As per documentation there are five arguments for menuItemSelected function but in reality there are only three i.e menuItemId, menuData and event (have a look at ZmZimletContext.prototype._handleMenuItemSelected( ) of ZmZimletContext.js). Please correct me, If my understanding is incorrect.

Now my question is how do I get hold of contentObjectText on which the user right clicked? Any help in the right direction is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,