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Thread: tab Zimlets in ZCS 8.0

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    Default tab Zimlets in ZCS 8.0

    I have now tried to deploy the sample tab zimlet in ZCS 6 & 7 with no luck.
    Any help? Is there something you need to do to allow tab zimlets to work, I can find nothing in the help.

    I am testing ZCS 8 Open Source edition.
    I am looking to develop zimlets, and have been unable to find documentation for 8, so followed the
    developers guide to 6/7 here ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Introduction - Zimbra :: Wiki
    and was able to create the "Hello World" zimlet without any problems.
    I went on to the simple tab zimlet, and it does not work, no tab shows up.
    I also tried an simple tab example I found here, but no luck.

    Do tab zimlets work with 8.0, is there any guides out there, I wouldn't even know where to start.

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    I have the same install configuration as you and am experiencing the same exact symptoms. The test zimlet for the tab simply does not work in ZCS8 and the documentation for 8.0 is not available. Were you able to find anything since your initial post?

    I am trying it via the web client. I assume the Zimlet sample in the Wiki is applicable to either Desktop or Web clients.
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    Try this:
    Change the xml file to have:
    <zimlet name="com_zimbra_website" version="1.0" label="SOMETHING_LABEL" description="SOMETHING_DESCRIPTION.">
    Then the zimlet will deploy.
    My problem is getting the source website to show in the iframe.
    I am not a programer, just hacking someone elses script.

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    I got it working, but to be honest, have no idea how.
    I gave up, tried again later, and it worked. Sorry, no help.
    I followed this guide to get it working in Development mode.
    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guideev Environment Setup - Zimbra :: Wiki

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