In my zimlet, I have overridden ZmComposeController to open compose mail view to compose the mail from my zimlet and I have extended the functionality of send and cancel listener of it.
Same way I have overridden ZmTaskController to open task creation view and overridden the save and cancel buttons listener to add functionality on it. But I am opening appointment creation form using AjxDispatcher.run("GetCalController").newAppointme nt(null, null, null, null); and then creating appointment and extending the functionality on its onSaveApptSuccess event. But from my zimlet, when I open first compose mail view and then click on cancel button, it brings me to my zimlet view. And then when I open appointment creation form view, and then click on cancel button then it is not doing anything. It is not bringing back to my zimlet view from that view like it does when I normally click on cancel button without going to compose mail and cancel button event. I tried to override ZmApptComposeController's cancelListener as well as cancelListener of ZmCalItemComposeController to bring back to my zimlet view on cancel event.

And yeah this is happening only in Zimbra 8. Its working fine in Zimbra 7.x.