Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for my bad english, and for my poor experience with js and the zimlet development enviroment, I need some help to comprend better this whole world.

I'm developing a zimlet for the integration with our crm. The task is "simple": drag and drop an email on the zimlet, the zimlet check some info with a custom php page via json, and then send supplementary info ( requested via dialog window ) to the php page.

The php page must download the attachment, and here I've got a problem. I need to authenticate for downloading the attachment, but I can't use username and password for every client, because I can't use ssl, for now, and the zimlet is designed to run on users Zimbra Desktop, the zimbra server and the CRM in on the cloud.

I've tried to extract the auth token, but the js side ( I don't have the jsp side ) seems to not found any cookie... It's because the page is the zimbra desktop page, open on browser ?

I've read the preauth page, but don't seems what I need ( or what I can do ). I wanted to use cookie, if possible...

For now, my zimlet use:
- jQuery
- crypto.js ( from google )

My Zdesktop dev enviroment:
- firefox ( firebug )
- Zimbra desktop 7.2.2
- http://www.zimbra.com/forums/zimlets...a-desktop.html