Accordinly to ZCS 6.0 Zimlet Definition File Reference menuItem element can have nested menuItem elements which would allow to create multi-level context menu.

I'm trying this with ZCS 7.2.2, here is related part of my zimlet definition file
HTML Code:
	<menuItem label="Top level item 1" id="item-1"/>
	<menuItem label="Top level item 2" id="item-2"/>
	<menuItem label="Top level item 3" id="item-3"/>
	<menuItem />
	<menuItem label="Other items..." id="other-items">
		<menuItem label="Nested menu item 1" id="item-4"/>
		<menuItem label="Nested menu item 2" id="item-5"/>
		<menuItem label="Nested menu item 3" id="item-6"/>
"Other items..." menu item is visible in UI but its subitems don't appear onhover.

Probably 7.0+ API is little different in this area but I can't find it's documentation.

Please help.