I have the following code that
sends out a WebDAV request to me server. I have attached it to the single click handler. The first time I click on the Zimlet, it makes the remote calls and works fine. The second time I click on the Zimlet, I see that the java script runs, however the HTTP requests are NEVER sent to the remote server. I have to do a refresh in the Zimbra brower to get it to resend again. Is there some sort of caching that I can control so that is always sends these remote requests??

var reqHeader = {"Xythos-Method": "MKCOL"};

var url = ZmZimletBase.PROXY + AjxStringUtil.urlEncode (this.SERVER+ "/Email");

AjxRpc.invoke (null, url, reqHeader, new AjxClientCallback(this, this._resultCallback), true);