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Thread: How to get selected appoinment

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    Default How to get selected appoinment

    I need to do some custom actions with selected appointment.

    Custom functionality can be called either by custom toolbar button or by context menu item.

    There are questions on both of approaches:

    1) in case of using toolbar button I can't find a way how to listen for the appointment selection event; ZmZimletBase listens for onApptDrag/onApptDrop events which call appropriate methods when expected; unfortunately there is no onApptSelection event.

    2) in other case I don't know good way how to extend standard appt context menu to put there custom menu item;
    the bad way which I know is to iterate all shell object children and filter by type, then to do some more magic (probably to find some special criteria) with filtered part ... I don't like this way.
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