Hi everybody, I' really new in zimbra

I'm creating a simple panel zimlet, and want to show a jsp page when I click on zimlet, the jsp page contain an java applet, but when the applet start the java console say class not found,

Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: myzimbra.MyApplet.class
I'm using zdesktop with _dev directoty, I deploy my applet (MyApplet.jar) to my zd-intall-dir\jetty\webapps\zimlet\WEB-INF\lib with others jars (forms-1.3.0.jar)

This is my jsp (html) page

  CODE     = "myzimbra.MyApplet.class"
  NAME     = "MyApplet"
  ARCHIVE =  "myApplet.jar, forms-1.3.0.jar"
  WIDTH    = 400
  HEIGHT   = 300
  HSPACE   = 0
  VSPACE   = 0
  ALIGN    = middle
If i open this page out of zimbra enviroment it work's, do i have to put something in codebase applet attribute ??.