I am trying to open a from when clicking particular content in email body.But its nto working.

This is my code .Please have a look at it and let me know where i am wrong and how to rectify the same.

<zimlet name="com_zimlet1" version="1.0" description="zimlet1">
			<regex attrs="ig">Desired Target</regex>
		<toolTip>Click to open form</toolTip>
			<canvas type="window" width="300" height="600"/>
			<formEditor name="dataEntryForm">
				<field type="string" name="firstName" label="First Name" minLength="0" maxLength="50" visualType="inputField" />
				<field type="string" name="lastName" label="Last Name" minLength="0" maxLength="50" visualType="inputField" />
				<field type="date" name="dob" label="Date Of Birth"/>
				<field type="enum" name="fruit" label="Select Fruit" >
					<item value="Apple" visualType="select"/>
					<item value="Grapes" visualType="select"/>
					<item value="Orange" visualType="select"/>
					<item value="Banana" visualType="select"/>