The below code snippet is not working properly in <userProperties> element.
Instead of radio buttons it is getting displayed as textfields with values male and married respectively.Also the date is displayed as a long horizontal bar with a dropdown button.When clciking that dropdown button a calendar gets popped up but behind the form.

Please help me in rectifying these things....

This is my code:
<property type="date" name="dob" visible="true" />
   <property type="radio" name="gender" label="Gender" visible="true">
				<item label="Male" value="true"  />
				<item label="Female" value="false"  />
   <property type="radio" name="maritalStatus" label="Marital Status" visible="true">
				<item label="Married" value="false"  />
				<item label="Unmarried" value="true" />