Last fall I installed the Asterisk zimlet from subversion. It didn't work so I ignored it. Recently I noticed it was filling up my logs so I undeployed it via the web GUI in version 4.5. The GUI reported success.

I now noticed this zimlet is included in the release tarball, so I deployed that one according to the instructions on this forum, using zmzimletctl and modifying the XML configuration. This command reported success but when I open the admin console and view deployed zimlets it does not appear.

I ran zmzimletctl undeploy and that reported success as well. I tried to deploy via the admin GUI and it reported failure.

I'm stuck.

I looked in catalina.out and zimbra.log for information relating to the failure but there is none. I think there is some configuration data left over from the initial beta installation that could not get removed but I don't know how to manually remove it or verify that it is even present.

Thanks for your help.