We are working on zimlets sample, which connects to webservice and return a string. The return string can be shown as tooltip / dialog box etc.

We ...

1.[/B]Tried connecting to webserive, by clicking zimletPanelItem, connects to webservice and could obtain xml result .

our code is

<zimletPanelItem label="Sample" icon="panelIcon">
<toolTipText>company Page.</toolTipText>
<canvas type="dialog" title="Website"
width="400" height="400" />
<actionUrl target="URL" >


This code work fines, but we want to display the result as tooltip or in canvas.

How to include xsl to this result xml. or add .xsl in <actionURL >

2. Also, we tried invoking webservice url as in google Translator, but 'HTTP 403 forbidden' error is showing.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.