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    Default [SOLVED] Tab Order

    Maybe I'm over thinking this, but I would like to set tab order in my zimlet. I have a canvas based from. Currently you have to manually set focus to the first input box with the mouse, if you hit tab you got right to "ok" or "cancel", I want it to go to the next input box.

    I've tried just about everything,
    1. standard html tab index attiribute
    2. looking at the other examples where tab indexing works.
    3. hacking the tab order class.

    I'm just using html as a string <input name="".....

    I saw a class that can build input boxes and do validation, I did not see anything about tabgroup in there, so I moved on.

    I'll admit I'm having trouble developing a conceptual framework in my mind for the Asynchronous part of Ajax with callbacks and handlers. What is on the server, what is in ram on the client. Once I get it in my head as it relates to Zimbra, I'm going to post a wiki for it. I'm using ajax in other web apps, but they are mainly autosuggests. Zimlets are very next level. I have a feeling if I can get the tab order thing down, I'll have a good starting point for how the js is functioning on the client.
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    This is an old post, but I wondered if you ever solved it?

    I have a Zimlet I have developed for 6.0 which works, but suffers the same problem you describe. I have a form which I would like users to fill in put pressing tab goes from the first input box in my form to the OK button - its very annoying!


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    It is indeed solved. You need to add your elements to tabgroups.

    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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